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Download the latest fully-function 30-day evaluation version of Mind Pad. Note: you can use the evaluation version for 30-day with no  functional limitation.


Please, note: even if your evaluation version of Mind Pad will expired you will be able to view created mind maps. Read more about free view.


Download Mind Pad


Mind Pad [3.48 MB]

Map your ideas paperless, painless!
1. This is a 30-day fully-functional evaluation version of Mind Pad.

2. If you purchase Mind Pad, you will have a registration code that enables using Mind Pad without limitations. 

Minimum requirements

1) 15 MB of free disk space;

2) Windows Vista, 2000, 98, ME, NT, XP;



System requirements

Find below minimum and recommended system components to install and use Mind Pad.

Minimum requirements

1) 15 MB of free disk space;

2) Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP;

3) Old version requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher required;



1) Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (for old version);

2) 50 Mb free disk space for temporary data that Mind Pad creates;






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While downloading Mind Pad you can sign up for the free Mind Pad email newsletter. While downloading Mind Pad you can sign up for the free Mind Pad  email newsletter. 

We e-mails it every 3 weeks to stay connected with our users. Visit newsletter forum for all newsletter issues.


In this newsletter you will find:

  • Mind Pad features' review;

  • Product news and update information;

  • Some specials from AKS and it's partners;

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PDF Brochure

Download PDF version of theMind Pad brochure

Download PDF version of the  Mind Pad brochure [ 181 Kb].



Version history

The version history of Mind Pad releases.


Version 4.6.

- Links to external maps;

- Improved object inspector;


Version 4.0.

- Ability to create tables


Version 3.0

- Completely new product released under the same brand


Version 2.0

- New Frame Views in Mind Pad Person and Image. 

- Libraries in Mind Pad. Mind Pad 2.0 now supports Image and Style libraries.

- We have designed an advanced techniques for managing frames and links with Mind Pad.

- Mind Pad 2.0 now supports reporting feature. 

- Full screen mode is now available in Mind Pad. 

Read more about version 2.0


Version 1.1

- Mind Pad frame styles management improved.

- rapid mind mapping support.


Version 1.0

- Mind Pad version 1.0 -- press release. Read now...


Download Mind Pad Old version

Old version of Mind Pad is available for download: Mind Pad [3 MB]  Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. or higher required. Warning: the old version is no longer supported and projects of old version are not compatible with new version. Required: .NET Framework 1.1. or higher [23 MB]





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