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Get started with Mind Pad

  • Frames. The basic frame object is a rectangle with text inside.
  • Links. The link object is a line that starts at source object and ends at destination object.
  • Frame and Link styles. In Mind Pad you don't need to change color or font settings for objects or links one by one. In Mind Pad you deal with "Styles".

Add and link new objects

  1. Run Mind Pad program

  2. Double click on the workspace to create a new object

  3. Press "Insert" on your keyboard to create a child topic. Press "Enter" key to create topic at the same level.

Note: to link two objects you can select the source one, click Control + L key on your keyboard (or "Link" icon on toolbar) and then select the destination object;

Change text on link and frame

  1. Edit topic text: double click on frame to start text editing. Use "Tab" key to finish editing;

  2. Edit link text: double click on link and enter "Tab" key on your keyboard to finish. 

Note: start typing when some frame/link is focused, Mind Pad will initiate a text editing dialog for this frame/link.

Managing frames

  1. With Mind Pad you can move single frame or frame branch and attach it to other frame;

  2. Mind Pad allows layout frames. See "Layout focused tree" and "Layout focused branch" in Workspace menu. See "FrameAutoLayout" option in Mind Pad preferences (menu Tools -> Preferences).

Assign icons to topic

  1. Select frame where you need to add icon; 

  2. Select "Image library" tag. Select necessary icon and double click to assign to the frame.

Change the way objects and links look

  1. Every object and link has a Style property. You can select object or link, and in the Properties section you will see Style line.

  2. You can create any new style or edit existent one. First, display styles area. Check Frame Styles and Link Styles options in View menu. Now you can create new style or edit existent one.

Note: the important property is Child Style. It specifies what will be the style of new object if you click Enter or Insert key on your keyboard to create new items.

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