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Mind Pad suggest a new approach to mind, process and concept mapping. Now the map is not just a lot of linked text blocks...

Mind Pad suggest a new approach to mind, process and concept mapping. Now the map is not just a lot of linked text blocks... 

Mind Pad

AKS-Labs has released v 2.6 of a Mind Pad. Mind Pad is a .NET mind and concept mapping software for Windows. Mind Pad allows to create mind, concept and process maps basing not just on creating and linking text blocks. Mind Pad allows organize in mind maps objects with any properties set. With Mind Pad scripting you are able to create your own rules for data management and representation.  

New Frame Views in Mind Pad Ė Person and Image.

  • Person Frame View was designed to represent information about single person. You can assign an icon, specify personís name, business position and company. Person frame object was designed to build a contact maps.
  • Image Frame View was designed to represent pictures in Mind Pad. Use this type of objects to represent graphical information together with some descriptive comments. With Mind Pad 2.0 you can paste images to workspace and link with some topics.

Libraries in Mind Pad. Mind Pad 2.6 now supports Image and Style libraries.

  • Style library is a way to manage Mind Pad frame and link styles. You can easily copy style from library to the project. Style in Mind Pad is a single file, so you can easily share it with others.
  • Image library provides users with handy way to apply small pictures (icons) to objects within map. We have collected some common images that will allow you to breathe life into map. For instance, icons for Status, Priorities, People, Opinions and Flags are available.

We have designed an advanced techniques for managing frames and links with Mind Pad. The version 2.6 allows:

  • Writing text on links. Double click on link between two frames and put some comments into the text box.
  • Frames Hot Linking is now available. Instead of moving single frames you can now move whole branches and link it to another frame by just drag-and-dropping.
  • New tree layout algorithm was design to help building tree and automatically manage framesí positions. It is now easy to build and layout a whole map or disable map layout and apply this function only to some branch.

Mind Pad 2.6 now supports reporting feature. You can now generate a report that will contain all topics from your map. Two types of report are available Ė plain text and htm, but you can already tell Mind Pad how do you like your report to be generated:

  • Mind Pad can generate a report where root frame is selected by user;
  • Root frame may be determined by frame style (for instance using Main style as a map root);
  • Finally it may check max strength (the number of links related to frame) for all frames and consider to be the root the frame with max strength.

Full screen mode is now available in Mind Pad. Once your map was designed you can go to the Full Screen mode to have an overview or show your map to someone else. For instance, itís a good way to manage your presentation.

The most great idea of Mind Pad: Mind Pad is easy to use software. As long as it supports powerful object oriented-methodology and scripting, itís very simple software. Itís easy to use it for every day job.

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