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Mind Pad - Logo, 300 dpi Mind Pad pre-release note

  AKS-Labs is about releasing a Mind Pad 1.0. Mind Pad is a .NET software for Windows.

  Is Mind Pad another mind mapping software? The short answer is NO. We are now releasing a new approach in Mind Pad, we are trying to create a mind map program that would be useful really for knowledge management.

  Why we named it Mind Pad?

The idea is simple. We want our mind map software to be as easy as Notepad in Windows is. Itís handy to jot down some ideas in Notepad. We hope Mind Pad will become a irreplaceable tool for jotting down great ideas!

Using semantic maps conception

All mind map product use the same conception based on the conception of semantic maps. When you can create some objects and create relegations between them. Itís simple, but nowadays mind map products allow wide visualization means, but donít suggest really good support for semantic maps conception.

Another gap is ignoring frame ideology, when you can create objects with specific properties, when you can inherit those properties and add new one.

Mind map visualization is important, but itís not the end point

Most mind map programs suggest a lot of useful visualization tricks and features, but they donít there is no really good means to manage your knowledge information.

We believe Mind Pad to be the first mind map program that will make the information representation and management really powerful.

We think that releasing Mind Pad we will provide our users with easy to use tool (like Notepad in Window), but it will powerful enough to improve knowledge management process vastly.

Releasing Mind Pad

We hope we could release a first beta or release (1.0) in the end of 2004. What we can do now is to invite you to join Mind Pad mail list. In Mind Pad mail list we will write about itís release, we will share our ideas about mind mapping, we will informing you about updates.

We donít have a strong pricing for Mind Pad, but we owner your interest to our new product, so if you will subscribe to Mind Pad newsletter before release, then we will provide you with 30% discounted price once the product will be released. This is our way saying ęThank you!Ľ for your patience and ideas you share with us.

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