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This section includes useful information about how can people use Mind Pad for various purposes. You will find the description of basic features and popular solutions.

Learn more about Mind Pad

  • Mind Pad the concept mapping software is now available, Mind Pad will help you to outline and represent visually your ideas. Check Mind Pad homepage.

Mind Pad sample applications

Find some ready-to-use application samples for Mind Pad. Also, share you ideas about the  support of some other knowledge management problems.

Important notice: Features and functions described on this page are for Mind Pad 2, the latest version of Mind Pad was released as a new major update (actually completely new project), so information on this page will be relevant only to Mind Pad 2, which is available for download, but is not supported.

  • Contact mapContact map. Change the way you manage your contacts. Replace your old contact list with a new contact map. Visualize all your contacts and relation between them.

  • Balanced Scorecard map. Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning approach. BSC mind map support creation of scorecard for personal or business needs.

  • Fishbone Diagram.  Cause and effect (fishbone) diagram was introduced by Kaoru Ishikawa, the creator of the diagram, and pioneer of Japanese Quality Management.

  • Security policy elaboration with mind mapping. Information security is a big challenge for most organizations. Developing a policy is a difficult process and mind mapping can help.

  • Mind maps for life management. If you will have a plan, goal in an easy traced view, then your life may became to change according your conception.

  • Lost weight mind map. Lost Weight mind map contributed by Kate from Australia. We thank Kate for sharing her experience with Mind Pad and sharing this map. Hope you'll find it useful too!

Quality Management

Learn more about methods of quality management and how to use mind mapping and Mind Pad to support them. Learn about Total Quality Management method, SWOT analysis, Six Sigma quality program.

  • Total Quality Management (TQM). Quality assurance through statistical methods is a key component in a manufacturing organization. Learn how to mind map TQM. 

  • SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Use Mind Pad to support your SWOT analysis.

  • Six Sigma  is a quality program for improving business processes. Describe your process and Six Sigma topics with Mind Pad.


This section is for general educational articles about mind mapping and concept mapping and about knowledge management techniques. 

  • Mind mapper forum experience.  We created Mind Mapping Forum Experience to give a quick view over this question. You will find most interesting posts about Mind Mapping.
  • Visual knowledge representation - methods review . Visual knowledge representation helps gather, retain and communicate large amounts of information more easily. 
  • Mind mapping. An effective technique for visual knowledge representation is mind mapping. Mind mapping allows structuring thoughts, questions and project objectives to form a “map”. Also, read about mind mapping from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

  • Concept mapping. Concept mapping helps represent the available information visually in a comprehensive and clear manner. This is an easy way to gather and communicate information.

  • Process mapping. Process mapping helps represent the work processes visually and identify problem areas and opportunities for process improvement. 

Customize your Mind Pad project

Basic features


Some basic features of Mind Pad program. Also, you might find it useful to visit Mind Pad on-line manual

  • Color mapsUse colors for your map in Mind Pad. 
  • Design and use Custom Frame objects. Create comprehensive and simple maps.   
  • Mind Pad frameFrames. Frame is the basic of mind map. Frame is an object with some set of properties.
  • Mind Pad linkLinks. Link object creates a relation between frames in mind map.
  • Frame and Link styles. In Mind Pad you don't need to change color or font settings for objects or links one by one. In Mind Pad you apply "Styles" to your mind map. 

Mind Pad history


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