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It's now a time to change the way you manage your contacts. It's now easy to replace your old contact list with a new contact map. Mind-Pad object oriented mind mapping lets you visualize all your contacts and relation between them.

  • Important notice: Features and functions described on this page are for Mind Pad 2, the latest version of Mind Pad was released as a new major update (actually completely new project), so information on this page will be relevant only to Mind Pad 2, which is available for download, but is not supported.


  • Learn what is Contact Map;
  • Learn how to create map of contacts in Mind Pad (read now)
  • View the sample of contact map designed in Mind Pad (view now)
  • Download sample contact map (download now)

Represent your contacts as a map

If your contact list is full of records then you probably already thought about some kind of categorization or sorting. The problem of nowadays contact-lists is that you can see just a single contact item without ability to see the relation between items. We applied a powerful object-oriented mind mapping conception to this problem.

Replace contacts list with contacts map

Replace contacts list with contacts map

Click to see big image of contact map

It's now easy to replace your contact list with contact mind map. With Mind Pad you can create contact objects and link them with each other. 

Note, Mind Pad suggest object-oriented mind mapping, meaning that you can not just put a name of your contact, but keep in map all contact information.

Visualization benefits

For instance, you have a partnership with some companies PR agencies. 

Look at the picture, it's visualized a contact relation scheme. You know where Paul works and what project he is working for now. You can link Asbjorn, a project manager from Norway PR company, with someone in your marketing team.

Change contact details

Select any item in your contact map

It's easy to make necessary notes or put some additional information.

It's easy to make necessary notes or put some additional information.

Let's click on "Tim, Testing and quality team" map item and see what we can change about Tim.

It's amazing as you have the power of companies CRM now! You can put all Tim's details in this contact map. 

Put here his interests or contact details.

More over, you can use Mind Pad Model Editor to add some properties to "Contact" object. For instance, if you don't really need "ICQ Number" field then you can remove it. Probably it's more useful to have a "Current project" or "Project history" field, so you can learn if Tim is experienced enough to do some job.

Finally, you can use scripting to make this map active. For instance, you can create a script for your contact map that will highlight contact items that you should manage today, for example give a call or write e-mail.

Create a contact object with Mind Pad:

  1. Select a drop-list:
  2. Select a "Contact" frame class from Frame class hierarchy. 
  3. Now when you double click on the workspace you will create a contact object.

Learn more: Create a contact map step by step

For detailed instruction run Mind Pad. Select "New From Template" in "File menu" and select Contact Map.

Improved contacts performance

Sample contact map
Click to see the sample contact map map right now!

It's a simple solution! With Mind Pad you can build a contacts mind map, where you can link contact items with each other and specify all necessary details about contacts.

Using contact mind map improves your performance vastly. Now you don't have to spend time managing, searching or sorting contacts as now it's very easy to manage contacts in map. All contact are structures and visualized in the way you want it to be.

You can now "see" the relation between people, you can make notes right here on the map without running another program. 

With Mind Pad contact map you can create a new team for ф new project and manage it in efficient way. It's easy and powerful idea as it bases on mind maps. 


Sample maps


It's now easy to replace your old contact list with a new contact map.

Contact Map

This is a sample of contact map created in Mind Pad. Custom frame Person was used. 

Download Contact Map [26 KB]


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