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Design and use Custom Frame topics

Learn how to using Mind Pad for designing and using Custom Frame topics. Compare Contact represented in mind map and contact represented in Custom Frame topic. If you have a complicated map with a lot of topics and sub-topics, consider designing and using custom frame topics.

  • Important notice: Features and functions described on this page are for Mind Pad 2, the latest version of Mind Pad was released as a new major update (actually completely new project), so information on this page will be relevant only to Mind Pad 2, which is available for download, but is not supported.

Why use custom frame topics

  • Make your map look compact;
  • Use graphics for topic;
  • Make information management effective;  

With Mind Pad Custom Frame topics:

  • News and featured articles about knowledge representation. Learn about mind maps, concept maps, process maps and other visualization techniques. If you have a complicated map with a lot of topics and sub-topics, consider designing and using custom frame topics. You will be able to replace some branches with a single custom designed object. 
  • Use ready to use custom designed objects. Mind Pad already has Contact custom designed object. For task of comparative analysis we designed a special Compare Analysis object.
  • Make information more visual. Make information about your objects more visual;
Compare how you can represent information about contact in simple mind map software and in Mind Pad.
Mind Mapping in Mind Pad Custom Object in Mind Pad 
Mind mapping in Mind Pad

Custom object in Mind Pad

  • Mind mapping is great, but the map with a lot of contact will looks complicated;
  • You need to think about object's properties instead of filling them with valuable information; 
  • Mind Pad shows primary properties for contact object;
  • You can use any people - picture from Image Library to assign to the topic;

Using custom object 

  1. First select custom object in Mind Pad object menu. select custom object in Mind Pad
  2. Now double click on Mind Pad workspace. The object of this type will appear.
  3. Now you can: link it with others, change frame icon
  4. If you like to change other properties then find them in the Properties toolbar.By double clicking on topic, you'll be able to change it's main property (for contact object - it's "Full Name"). If you like to change other properties then find them in the Properties toolbar.


Design custom object with Model Editor

Run Model Editor

  1. Run Mind Pad Editor. Select "Mind Pad Editor" in Start > Programs > Mind Pad. 
  2. Run Model EditorSelect "Frame classes" in Model Tree and right click on "Frame classes" option. Select "Add Frame Class..." command.
  3. Follow "Create Frame Class" wizard and put the name of new custom object. 
  4. Select created class. . Now you can design new properties.    

Designing new objectDesigning new object:

  1. Select just created object in Model Tree.
  2. See the frame properties. You can change custom object icon, describe new object in Description field. 
  3. Click "..." button to start designing new attributes of object.



Design propertiesDesign properties:

  1. Click "Add" button to add new attribute to the object. 
  2. Let's create "Ideas" property to support idea catching process. 
  3. Note: it's "Type" is string (meaning text). 
  4. Also, we put some text in "Category" and "Description" properties.
  5. Click "OK" to finish adding properties to the frame.
  6. Click "Save configuration" button to install this new object.
  7. Now see "Using Custom Object" chapter above to add created object to your map.


Evaluate Mind Pad

You can download fully-function 30-days evaluation version of Mind Pad: 

Please, visit ordering page for more information about pricing and ordering.


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