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Cause and Effect (Fishbone) diagram

Cause and effect (fishbone) diagram was introduced by Kaoru Ishikawa, the creator of the diagram, and pioneer of Japanese Quality Management.

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Download Mind Pad and fishbone sample map created with Mind Pad.

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Cause and Effect Diagram represents company quality management process.

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How to use cause and effect diagram in Mind Pad:

1. Download this sample map.

2. Open it in Mind Pad.

Put your data into template:

  • "Problem to research" -- the problem you are going to research, for instance, "Bad support response"
  • "Factor" - the cause of the problem. For instance, communication problems.
  • "Cause" - the part of the "Factor". For instance, on-line support system needed.

3. You can edit existent topics or create new one by selecting parent frame and clicking Insert button on keyboard.  

Other sample maps


Cause and Effect Diagram represents company quality management process.

Fishbone Diagram

Cause and Effect Diagram represents company quality management process. 

Download Balanced Scorecard [10 KB]

Outlined Fishbone Diagram 


Problem Too long "Research > Development > Implementation cycle" No technical means used for brainstorming

Ineffective researching Our researchers don't collaborate with each other

Implementation is impossible without additional development Product design is not really usable Focus group find a lot of problems with product People lack some important functions Product design changes a lot before final version We are getting bug reports too late

Time-consuming development process We don't have a quality management Tim, Mary, Peter
Company  AKS-Labs
Date to contact  2004-01-01
Job title  Quality Assurance Group We should integrate focus groups into development process

We don't learn our mistakes when managing design process

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