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Use contact objects in Mind Pad. Forum Experience.

Forum posts that overview Mind Pad ability to manage contact objects. Contact object is a special frame topic designed for representing information about person, including name, company, business position.

Use contact objects in Mind Pad. Forum Experience.

We have collected the information about how to benefit from using custom designed contact objects in Mind Pad.

Use contact objects in Mind Pad. Forum Experience. -- original topic


When use contact object

Quote: I want to use Mind Pad to create a list of contacts. I need to include there many companies, many people and their data Ė names, e-mails, phones, etc. What is the best way to organize such a map? Do you have some tips for me, please?

I think that you were right to choose Mind Pad for such a task. Itís very helpful to visualize such information. Thatís why we have designed special frame view to represent information about a person. You can assign an icon, specify personís name, business position and company.
To change frame view you need to select (click on) object on the workspace. Find the "Style" property in "Appearance" group. Use a drop-list to change display style to PersonStyle.
You can layout such a map in various ways. Break it up according to companies or importance.[/b]

when use contact object -- original topic

More about contact objects

Brandon Russell wrote: I think that you were right to choose Mind Pad for such a task. Itís very helpful to visualize such information.
More over, we have just released version 2.0 where you can find people-icons and we approach to visualizing information about person.

Read article: Contact mind map

more about contact objects -- original topic


Using custom designed contact objects

Quote: I donít get it, whatís the deal with this contact map and stuff. Those ďPersonĒ frames Ė arenít they just simple frames with some text I put into them? I tried to change the style to ďPersonStyleĒ, but it doesnít help Ė just changes the looks. Where is the cool stuff youíre talking about Ė the personal info and contact data. Do I have to just enter everything manually?

Youíre right, changing the style is not what you need. You might want to click on the Object icon and change it to Person. Now when you create a new frame, itíll have all the properties you need Ė youíll see them in the Properties window. You can enter name, company, job title, occupation, phones, interests and much more. All this info is accessible if you focus on a frame.
Also read more about contact maps.

using custom designed contact objects -- original topic


Create a map of contacts with Mind Pad

Quote: Here is what kind of a mind map I have to make. I need to include in my contact list all the people who take part in the process of preparing the book for publication. So the result will be like a chain of people. The only thing I canít figure out though: I want to see clearly what this person does and who takes over from him. How is this supposed to be done?

If I were you, I would include this information in the link text. To do this focus on the link and enter text in the Text box in the Properties window.
By using link text youíll be able to see the relations between the people and the direction of action. If you donít want to customize link styles, the Default_Text_Link style is preferable, because the arrowcaps are noticeable. Or create your own style.
Also if you have several people responsible for one thing you might want to group them so itís easy to visualize.

create a map of contacts with Mind Pad -- original topic


E-mail directly from Mind Pad contact map

Quote: Iím a freelance translator. As I get more work from different agencies, I have a hard time trying to remember all the contacts and the details. For example, I work for a US agency called Translation and my contact there is a girl named Chris and for a UK agency called Translations with a guy named Chris. Mind Pad is a real treasure for me! Now I have all my contacts sorted by agency name, by country and I have all the information at my fingertips. The only thing to ask: can I send an e-mail instantly by clicking on the personís frame?

First of all, Iím glad that Mind Pad is the right thing for you :)
Now, you can actually e-mail a person by clicking on the frame twice :) But to be able to do that you need to edit the hyperlink. How? Right click on the frame and select Add hyperlink. In the dialog box select E-mail icon and enter the necessary e-mail address. Click OK. Now when you want to send an e-mail, you right click on the frame and see the e-mail address in the drop-list. That makes it two clicks to e-mail anyone :)

e-mail directry from Mind Pad contact map -- original topic

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