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Mind mapping applications. Forum Experience

We collected mind mapping application cases. 

  • Learn how do students organize ideas using mind pad;

  • How do businesses succeed using mind maps;

  • How to use mind mapping for quality management, sales and marketing;

Mind mapping applications. Forum Experience

In this Forum Experience with discuss the possible applications of Mind Pad.

Mind mapping applications. Forum Experience -- original topic

Students organize ideas as a mind map

Students organize ideas as a mind mapArticle topic: Students organize ideas as a mind map wrote: In the second step, learners form groups of three to five and explain any words that the other members of the group do not know. Students then have a couple of minutes to organize their ideas as a mind map or spidergram ("bubbles with words in, that have lines to connect words into patterns").

Students organize ideas as a mind map -- original topic

How people succeed using mind maps. True story.

GE Capital to IBM to Philip Morris use mind mappingPeter D. Moore, Managing Partner, Inferential Focus uses mind maps to work with information and it helps him to report his findings to 35 institutional investors and 15 corporations, from GE Capital to IBM to Philip Morris.
His business bases on finding anomalous events in information flow and making a resumes.

If you want to get to know about his techniques, you can read it here.

How people succeed using mind maps. True story. -- original topic

Mind Mapping and Quality Management, use together

Mind Mapping for quality managementIf you would examine great companyís reports, you could see that quality management is an increasingly important discipline to achieve great results. It concerns of many successful companies of all sizes, such as 3M, for example. 3M uses Six Sigma technology and they have also achieved record financial results during using this.

Many of this companies somehow or other use mind mapping to manage quality initiatives. With its simple, relational structure, mind maps are used to brainstorm ideas, map out processes, identify root causes, and chart steps for quality improvement.
The main advantage is that mind mapping provides a simple way for everyone to make sense of the complex quality dynamics. When you see the big picture of complex organizational processes, itís easier to evaluate the steps for improvement and optimize the details. This results in the overall quality of a business becoming greater than just the sum of its parts. Also, you can use mind mapping to support Six Sigma and other documenting processes.

Mind Mapping and Quality Management, use together -- original topic

Reinforce your innate creativity with eXpertSystem

Use eXpertSystem mind mappingEXpertSystem/eXpertLingo software suite takes 15 minutes to tap over 100 great minds, 144,000 word associations and 250,000+ images.
This software can be useful for coaches, consultants, executives and creative.
Probably, using tis software, you will accelerate your creative problem solving and develop dozens of ideas.
In general, this software is a suite of creativity, brainstorming and expert learning and presentation programs to accelerate business, coaching, consulting and learning.
This suite consist of two main programs - eXpertSystem and eXpertLingo, with nearly 1,000 expert topic questions and comments, 144,000 word and phrase association engine and a 250,000 keyword-tagged image database, for visual brainstorming and assembling presentations.
You can download a free full function 15-day trial version from

Read more -
Be the Genius in Your Next Meeting

Reinforce your innate creativity with eXpertSystem -- original topic

Adopting process mapping in sales and marketing

Mind mapping in sales and marketingProcess mapping is a well-known technique, however, this technique hasn't been widely adopted by sales and marketing departments.
Here you can find some advices on doing this.

Michael J. Webb, President of Sales Performance Consultants wrote:
Leaders in both large and small sales organizations often make mistakes that undermine the potential of process mapping. A common result, for example, is that salespeople ignore the process and operate outside the system
Webb's four common mistakes that hinder success:
- Map all the details, losing track of the big picture.
- Focus on the seller, instead of the customer.
- Map the process without showing how the results will be measured.
- Buy somebody else's "ideal" sales process.

Webb's principles That Yield Powerful Results:
- Keep your goals in the foreground of your process map.
- Map tools, skills, and performance metrics along with the process.
- Engage your people in process mapping to define problems and solutions. This must be cross functional.
- Determine how to create value for the customer throughout the process.

Adopting process mapping in sales and marketing -- original topic

Mind mapping and Six Sigma process

Mind mapping and Six Sigma processAs different researches show, 38% companies use Six Sigma process.
The fundamental objective of Six Sigma is the implementation of measurement-based strategies focused on reducing flaws, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Achieving Six Sigma requires mastering several stages: defining the process in question, measuring its performance, analyzing its effectiveness, implementing improvements, and controlling improvements over the long term.

You can use mind map to support Six Sigma processes.

For example, if we want to create a map of Six Sigma, we will get something like this:

Central topic - Six Sigma. Then:
Determine customer expectations of the process
How often to defects occur?
Why, when, and where do they occur?
How can we fix the process?
How can we make it stay fixed?

And so on :)

To get some statistic:
Search For Improvement With Complex Six Sigma

Mind mapping and Six Sigma process -- original topic

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