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Introduction. Mind mapping is a powerful tool for information management  

Find in this forum experience various approaches to mind mapping. Mind mapping is a powerful, yet flexible way to visualize information. It encourages creative thinking and helps summarize and share large amounts of information much more easily.

Mind mapģ is a registered Trade Mark of Buzan Centers.

Find in this forum experience various approaches to mind mapping:

To create a mind map, choose the main topic or idea which will be the central notion of the map. It can be represented by a key word or an image. All the basic ideas should be placed on the branches connected to the main topic. Other important facts and details can be added to the branches, so that the mind map expands in a radiant fashion.

Creating a mind map is a kind of brainstorming exercise. When working on a mind map, let your ideas flow freely, without much consideration about the structure and hierarchy. This allows you to capture all the details related to the topic. You can always reorganize the map items to form a specific hierarchy later.

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Use Mind Mapping to improve business process, share your ideas.Streamline business process with mind mapping

Use Mind Mapping to improve business process, share your ideas.

Starting documenting with mind maps

Almost all activities such as project start-up, strategy development, risk management, process improvement, etc, require documenting.

You can use mind maps almost for 80% of the lifecycle: brainstorming, clustering (also known as meta-planning), elaboration, prioritization & documentation. You can draft processes in mind map software and construct any documentation before final formatting within PowerPoint or Word.

The main advantage of using mind maps for documenting is that you can see the whole structure of document set at one glance. It helps to not become involved in all complicated interdependencies between different documents.
Also you can use linking to support the whole project through its mind map.

For example, I know, that security professionals use mind maps to support information security policy. They draw the whole structure with topics like security standards, methods, technologies and so on. Then they create parallel maps concerned with this structure, for example - information security policy for users and for administrators, normative documents of security policy and so on. Then they link these maps with one another and link each topic with relative document. As the result they have united document set with transparent structure and user-friendly layers.

Of course, everyone have his own way to manage his projects, but all of us can be guided by other people's experience.

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How to keep your strategic plans focused on one core vision?

You know that your employees should see the company's goals through their duties and opportunities.
But usually you canít be convinced of how well they understand your companyís culture and mission.

Today many companies are using mind mapping to keep individual and company goals top of mind, because mind mapping as a teamwork allows everyone on the team to brainstorm ideas and perceptions about future expectations, helps teams to be on the point.
It gives the group an opportunity to broaden their thinking on the companyís vision.
To make it works, employees should be encouraged to begin the mind-mapping process by documenting what they perceive as the groupís major goals and purpose.

Anita R. Brown, vice president of W.C. & A.N Miller Companies wrote:
Good companies have a corporate strategic plan and vision. Great companies have a strategic plan that is corporate in vision, but mapped out by the people who are ultimately responsible for giving dimension and validity to this vision Ė its employees.

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Buzan was speaking to Irish salespeople about mind mapping

Article title: Buzan was speaking to Irish salespeople about mind mapping
BizWorld wrote:
Most Irish salespeople only use 1-2pc of their brain, according to leading lecturer and international best-selling author Tony Buzan.


Buzan said an example of the effectiveness of mind mapping is Boeing Aircraft who created a 7.6metre long mind map on how to build an aircraft instead of using the more conventional instruction manual. The company reports this saved them £12m (approx E15m) in just over nine months.

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How people succeed using mind maps. True story.

Peter D. Moore, Managing Partner, Inferential Focus uses mind maps to work with information and it helps him to report his findings to 35 institutional investors and 15 corporations, from GE Capital to IBM to Philip Morris.
His business bases on finding anomalous events in information flow and making a resumes.

If you want to get to know about his techniques, you can read it here.

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Take notes using mind mapping technique. Improve personal productivity with mind maps

Take notes using mind mapping technique. 

Creating hand-drawn looking mind maps

Now you can try using new main map software, which closely follow Tony Buzanís mind mapping principles.
Chuck Frey wrote:
One of the shortcomings of computer-generated mind maps is that they don't usually convey the wild, colorful creativity of hand-drawn maps.

HeadCase is a new mind mapping program for Windows, that comes closer to achieving the look and feel of hand-drawn maps.

The most unique thing about HeadCase is the way it renders map branches and branch text. Instead of the standard branch with plain text, HeadCase creates colorful branches, with brightly-colored text that follows the curvature of each branch. Also you can apply faded or texture fills to branch text.

So, using this software, you can create the map which will be most suitable for you and will not look so officially.
I think, everyone with luxuriant imagination will have fun trying this.

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Simple way to take notes using mind maps

You can abandon the list format of conventional note taking, because you can do it mush more effectively using mind maps. Such notes are very quick to review, as it is easy to refresh information in your mind just by glancing at one.
And it is very simple! You just need to conform to a few rules. wrote:
By using Mind Maps you show the structure of the subject and linkages between points, as well as the raw facts contained in normal notes. Mind Maps hold information in a format that your mind will find easy to remember and quick to review.

Here are some instructions and an example of the time management mind map.

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Make education effective with mind mappingUse mind maps in education

Make education effective with mind mapping

Mind maps as a method of learning

Article title: Mind mapping in education - mind mapping successful usage

MUMBAI Newsline wrote:
A few seconds later, though, she grits her teeth at the thought of the upcoming Economics exam and adds: What would I do without mind-mapping?.

The mind-mapping that Regina relies on is only one of the many methods of learning taught at the school.

These methods usually combine visual aspects like colour and pictures with words.

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Students organize ideas as a mind map

Article topic: Students organize ideas as a mind map wrote:
In the second step, learners form groups of three to five and explain any words that the other members of the group do not know. Students then have a couple of minutes to organize their ideas as a mind map or spidergram ("bubbles with words in, that have lines to connect words into patterns").

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