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Basic functions of Mind Pad. Forum Experience.

Learn how to 

  • add picture to the topic, edit topic's text, using Mind Pad for presentation;

  • manage style in Mind Pad, share Mind Pad Styles;

  • managing contact objects in Mind Pad, share custom-designed objects.

Basic functions of Mind Pad. Forum Experience.

We are writing here about Mind Pad basic functions.

Basic functions of Mind Pad. Forum Experience. -- original topic

add picture to topic

I want to be able to add pictures to some of my frames. It would be easy to see if this thing is important or not. Or I could mark an important person in order not to forget :)
Is there such a feature in Mind Pad?

There is a variety of signs or icons you can add to your frames. Image library provides users with handy way to apply small pictures (icons) to objects within map. We have collected some common images that will allow you to breathe life into map. For instance, icons for Status, Priorities, People, Opinions and Flags are available. You can choose from bigger or smaller icons, depending on the size of your frame.
To assign icons to topic:

Select frame where you need to add icon;
Select "Image library" tag. Select necessary icon and double click to assign to the frame.

add picture to topic -- original topic

enter topic text

Quote: To enter the frame text I click on the necessary frame and change the value of ďTextĒ property. It takes a while if you have to enter text for like 20 frames. And thatís just one semantic field. Imagine the workload? Can I do it faster somehow?

In fact there are three ways you can change Frame Text.

Click on the object and change the value of "Text" property, which you are doing at the moment
Double-click on the object to start editing text. Once the editing was finished click in the free part of workspace or press Tab key to close text editing box.
The easiest one: start typing when some frame/link is focused, Mind Pad will initiate a text editing dialog for this frame/link.

enter topic text -- original topic

manage style in Mind Pad

Quote: I want to change the colors of the frames, text and links. That peachy scheme is good for girls. And I want my projects to look cool and business-like. How do I change the color scheme?

In Mind Pad you don't need to change color or font settings for objects or links one by one. In Mind Pad you deal with "Styles". Style is a set of attributes that specify how the object will look like. It includes color scheme, font settings and other.
In Mind Pad you can access styles using View menu. Check "Frame Styles" and "Link Styles" options in View menu. Frame and Link style lists will appear.
You can edit properties of the style. Select the style in the Frame Styles or Links Styles list and Mind Pad will show the properties of selected style in a properties list above.
Important! Child Style is the style that Mind Pad will apply to the new object created as a child of object with this style. This works only in case of using Enter or Insert hot key.

Please, read more about managing color in Mind Pad

manage style in Mind Pad -- original topic 

Share style in Mind Pad

Quote: My colleague and I are working on the same project and both using Mind Map. So we try to keep our maps in one style. Sometimes we have to literally dictate each other the attributes we have changed Ė font color or size or whatever. Can we somehow share a style if we work on different machines?

Yes, in fact this is very easy. Every style in Mind Pad is a separate single .xml file. They are stored in the directory where you have installed Mind Pad. The default settings are Program Files/Mind Pad/Styles. So all you have to do is save the style in Mind Pad, then copy the file with that name from the Styles folder and e-mail it to your colleagues. That simple :)

Share style in Mind Pad -- original topic

mind pad for presentation

Quote: can I actually use Mind Pad for presentation. Maybe Iíll have to export my maps to image files? But in that case I wonít be able to move the frames as I planned to. What should I do?

A good way to manage your presentation is full screen mode, which is now available in Mind Pad. Once your map was designed you can go to the Full Screen mode to have an overview or show your map to someone else.
To switch to Full Screen select View , Full Screen or just press F11 . That way youíll have nothing getting into view, all the attention will be focused on your map. And at the same time you still can move your frames around and so on.

mind pad for presentation -- original topic

contact object in Mind Pad

Quote: I want to use Mind Pad to create a list of contacts. I need to include there many companies, many people and their data Ė names, e-mails, phones, etc. What is the best way to organize such a map? Do you have some tips for me, please?

I think that you were right to choose Mind Pad for such a task. Itís very helpful to visualize such information. Thatís why we have designed special frame view to represent information about a person. You can assign an icon, specify personís name, business position and company.
To change frame view you need to select (click on) object on the workspace. Find the "Style" property in "Appearance" group. Use a drop-list to change display style to PersonStyle.
You can layout such a map in various ways. Break it up according to companies or importance.

contact object in Mind Pad -- original topic

share custom-designed objects

Quote: When creating a map I used my own models I created using Model editor. What if I e-mail my map to a colleague? Will he be able to see everything all right? Or what should I do?

Model Editor allows to create a class of frame objects with new properties. It simpler words it means that you can add more properties to standard frames and use new frames on your work-space. "Model" is a set of objects and their attributes that you can use in Mind Pad.
If you used your own models created in Model editor then when distributing your project you should also think about distributing all files from Models directory. Thatís the directory where you installed Mind Pad. By default itís Program Files\Mind Pad\Models. So when you share a project file donít forget to copy your Models directory as well.

share custom-designed objects -- original topic

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