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Title frame - the title of your map

Learn what is "frame" in Mind Pad. How can be frame made to look like a title of your mind map. It's easy to make it looks like document title.

Frames in Mind Pad

Frames in Mind Pad were designed to show to content of the topic item. When we need to make some title for the map we can use frame and frame style.

Making frame style

Let's show how to make a good Frame Style for map topic.

  1. Run Mind Pad
  2. Select "Frame Styles" in View menu
  3. Create "+" button to add a new frame style
  4. Name the new frame style as "Map Title". 

We have created a frame style. You can find more info about frame styles in object styles article.

Now let's adjust frame style's properties.

  1. Set "Back Color" and "Border Color" to Transparent
  2. Use Black color for "Fore color" property.
  3. Use some large font size, 18 is good enough. Let's change "Bold" to True
  4. Change "Text Align" properties if you like.

The title of this map was created using Map Title style.Using Map Title frame style

Now, it's a time to use created Map Title frame style. Let's create new frame and assign just created style to it.

It looks great as a map title now. Also, you can create some additional frame styles to make comments under the map title, to display the general information about map.

Make your map looks more professional

We just followed step-by-step the frame creation process. We created Map Title frame style, but we could also create style that makes our maps look more professional. With Mind Pad's object oriented approach, it's easy to create professional looking mind and concept maps.

Mind Pad in our own business  

We do create some business schemes that allows to understand better our processes (we are using process mapping technique).As we are using Mind Pad in our business, we do create some business schemes that allows to understand better our processes (we are using process mapping technique).

This is a screenshot of our process map, that in simple way describe software development and marketing process.

We used some ideas to create this scheme. 

  • "D" and "M" letters meaning "Development" and "Marketing" cycles. We used ideas that we discussed in Frame Title article (you are reading it now). 
  • We used different links to display Investments (Red lines), Work process (Blue lines) and Results Generating (Green line). We discussed this in Using link styles article.
  • Also, we put some business vital information in text box. It's handy to have some large, informative text blocks on mind map. We wrote about creating such blocks in Text Containers article. 

Use Mind Pad

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  • Purchase a fully-functional license of Mind Pad.  Order Mind Pad.


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