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Mind Pad represents information in a two-dimensional structure. In contrast to the list format of conventional note-taking, Mind Pad shows the “shape” of the subject, and the relations between the ideas associated with the subject.

Advantages of Mind Pad

Why you need to catch ideas:

  • Information can be condensed efficiently and effectively;
  • Collected notes are much easier to remember;

What are Mind Pad advantages:

  • New data can be easily integrated into the existing mind map;
  • You can illustrate the ideas in the map with pictures, images and colors
  • You can add references to further data stored in other files and websites;

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Using Mind Pad to catch ideas

Mind Pad makes the thinking process visible. Using Mind Pad allows you to comprehend any “bad connections” which you had made previously in your thought and avoid inappropriate and misplaced judgments and decisions.

When you deal with a lot of information, the problem is to catch/grasp all the ideas, and represent them in an ordered and organized way. Mind Pad allows organizing information and makes it easy to both input and recall. If more information has been discovered, it can be easily integrated into the previous map without destroying its structure.

The Mind Pad may be used as a “thought catcher”. The typical map can accommodate between 7 and 9 main branches. When thinking linearly, as the list of ideas grow, so the number of further possibilities seems to diminish. In a Mind Pad, the ideas multiply as they “bloom” outwards, and the number of further possibilities actually increases.

With Mind Pad you can collect and represent information effectively

Mind Pad 2.0 is a concept mapping software which allows you to collect information and represent it in a clear and comprehensible manner. 

With Mind Pad, you can add virtually unlimited number of ideas and topics to the Mind Map. The map can be managed in different styles and contain various icons and images which enhance the visual representation of information. You can create links and references to other files in a map and add text comments to the links. You can also generate reports in various formats containing all the information in the map. More details on Mind Pad 2.0 features.  

Idea Life-cycle

Idea Life-cycle
Mind Pad supports idea life-cycle. Let's think about ideas as something we catch, manage and use to act. 
Catch Idea > Manage Idea > Convert Idea to action
Idea management methods Share idea with others

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