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Mind Pad is an effective tool for visual knowledge representation. It allows structuring and analyzing data effectively. With Mind Pad, you can considerably enhance implementation processes and overall project management.

Advantages of Mind Pad:

Use Mind Pad for ideas catching and representing:

  • Grouping ideas
  • Creating ideas hierarchy;
  • Representing ideas in any level of detail;

With Mind Pad you can track progress and set priorities;

  • Visualizing implementation processes;
  • Setting priorities;
  • Tracking project progress;

Effective project management

Mind Pad is an effective technique for visual knowledge representation. It allows “catching” and analyzing ideas. With Mind Pad, you can group various ideas and represent them in any level of detail. Mind Pad radically simplifies project management by providing a clear and comprehensive outline for project deadlines, stages, responsibilities and results. 

The “visual” project representation can be easily shared with other members of the team, or used in presentations, etc. With Mind Pad, you can analyze the implementation processes, track the project progress and set priorities. Mind Pad allows evaluating human and technical resources efficiency as well.

Mind Pad is a helpful solution for concept and process mapping. Concept mapping represents ideas and project items in a hierarchical structure. It is an exceedingly convenient way to structure and analyze complex data. On the other hand, a process map provides a common vision of the project processes and helps understand the project’s weaker areas and identify opportunities for improvement.

Convert ideas to action with Mind Pad

  • Mind Pad allows creating a common view of the project milestones, goals and priorities. You can use different styles and frames to represent information effectively (more about styles). You can also group ideas and create links between different parts of the project (more about links).

  • Mind Pad makes tracking the project’s human resources an extremely simple task. Person Frame helps structure all the personal information easily and effectively. In contrast to separate contact records, Mind Pad allows creating relations between contacts across various departments (more about contact map).

Idea Life-cycle

Idea Life-cycle
Mind Pad supports idea life-cycle. Let's think about ideas as something we catch, manage and use to act. 
Catch Idea > Manage Idea > Convert Idea to action
Idea management methods Share idea with others

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