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Manager Ideas with Mind Pad

Mind Pad is a powerful, flexible and highly efficient way to manage various types of information. It allows you to structure your thoughts and represent them visually.

Advantages of Mind Pad:

  • Representing information visually
  • Creating links and relations between ideas and facts
  • Grouping various ideas
  • Creating a hierarchy of ideas
  • Presenting a complete overview of the subject on a single page
  • Presenting information in any level of detail

Visualize and structure information

Mind Pad allows visualizing information in a form of a “map” so that it can be easily memorized or communicated to other people. Mind Pad contains ideas and facts that can be structured over a key subject, and relations between them. You can mark any associations between ideas with arrows, colors or images. To easily share your maps with other people, you can also establish "visual vocabulary" of map symbols and branch colors and styles, so that they are understandable to everyone. 

You can create a hierarchy of ideas and facts in your map. The general idea is usually placed on top of the map, with supportive items arranged hierarchically below. You can create relations between various groups of ideas and move these groups to different locations in a map.

If you manage a particularly complex project, you may break it up into several smaller maps. This will prevent you from suffering from “information overload,” and help structure information more effectively.

Mind Pads may help you with initial planning, status reporting and various aspects of project management. Mind Pads act like a visual "executive summary," elegantly communicating an essential overview of your project, while also enabling team members to easily drill down to deeper levels of detail. 

Mind Pad helps represent and process information effectively

  • Mind Pad allows you to represent and process information in a clear and effective manner. 

  • You can use various graphical features, such as styles and images to enhance your map. 

  • Different frames can be used to represent different type of information. For example, Person Frame allows you to structure and represent all available information about a person. 

  • You can group frames and create links between groups as well as individual ideas. The whole map or its fraction can be structured in a form of a tree by applying a specific layout.

Idea Life-cycle

Idea Life-cycle
Mind Pad supports idea life-cycle. Let's think about ideas as something we catch, manage and use to act. 
Catch Idea > Manage Idea > Convert Idea to action
Idea management methods Share idea with others

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