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Teamwork work with Mind Pad

Many people today use mind maps to reach mutual understanding of some ideas and projects. Mind or concept mapping is an excellent method to represent your opinion. Mind map software now is also used for ideas interchange and viewing.

Why do you need to share your ideas with somebody 

Almost in all cases if you have an idea, you will need to tell somebody about it. On the other hand, if you want to understand you customers properly, you need some tools to make your dialogue more clear for both sides. Or, for example, in a group conversation about some problem you will need a tool to develop common view on this, to lock in all opinions and suggestions in a brainstorming session.

  • When you want to share your ideas with people, who are far away from you, it will be necessary to find a way of clear and simple idea representing.

  • When you are making a presentation, you will need a picture of your idea in understandable and simple form.

  • If you tried to use your creativity and after that you need a formal plan or list, you will need reporting function to create an outline from your artistic notes.

  • If you work remotely, you will need something to support working with your colleagues in one workspace and terms. Below we will tell you about doing it using mind mapping.

Use mind maps to begin interconnection with people

Mind or concept mapping is one of the best idea representing methods. Some companies, which work on different projects for customers, spent time for teaching their customers this technique, because as the result they will get mutual understanding and common view with customers. Then they use mind mapping to create their suggestions and opinions and they can be sure, that customers will understand them properly.

Mind mapping also could be used as a modified variant of brainstorming. Ideas are judged and put into an organized structure as opposed to the classical brainstorming where judgment is reserved for later stages. To support brainstorming mind mapping software should support quick and easy way to add new branches and topics.

  • Mind map is a well-structured method, so map could be easily converted to a tree, list or outline, so you can get formalized view of your idea after creating free and understandable mind map.

  • Mind map is very illustrative, so even if you will send your friend an image via e-mail, it will be enough to present your idea and thoughts.

  • As mind map is a good method for knowledge and idea representing, you can use it on your presentations to share your mind with colleagues and boss. 

Now you know, that mind map can be widely used for organizing your interconnection with people. So, you need a mind mapping tool with all these possibilities, such as Mind Pad.

Mind Pad is a software for team work

Mind Pad is a .NET mind mapping software for Windows. It disposes of all necessary features to organize your work with a team or group.

  • If you work together – create your common workspace. Style library is a way to manage Mind Pad frame and link styles. Style in Mind Pad is a single file, so you can easily share it with others. Image library provides users with handy way to apply small pictures (icons) to objects within map. You can create your own icons, to create your common work style. More about styles in Mind Pad.

  • Mind Pad uses advanced techniques for managing frames and links, such as hot-linking. It supports quick work for a group sessions. More about hot-keys in Mind Pad.

  • Mind Pad 2 also supports reporting feature. You can now generate a report that will contain all topics from your map. There are different ways to customize your report generation, so you can create different reports for different tasks and different people.

  • To have an overview or show your map to someone else – use the Full Screen mode, make your presentation illustrative.

  • Export mind map to an image and send it to your friend via e-mail. He will get an easy understandable version of your idea.

Also you can use hyper linking, to unite your work parts into one domain and many other possibilities in group working. Just try this and don’t be afraid of experimenting.  

Idea Life-cycle

Idea Life-cycle
Mind Pad supports idea life-cycle. Let's think about ideas as something we catch, manage and use to act. 
Catch Idea > Manage Idea > Convert Idea to action
Idea management methods Share idea with others

Evaluate Mind Pad


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