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All of us live in very dynamic time with furious pace.  In such conditions we can use different methods, trying to keep control under our life. If you want your life to be transparent and clear, you can try to begin using life management methods and mind mapping technologies.

  • Important notice: Features and functions described on this page are for Mind Pad 2, the latest version of Mind Pad was released as a new major update (actually completely new project), so information on this page will be relevant only to Mind Pad 2, which is available for download, but is not supported.

What is life management

Life management – is a complex dynamic system, consisting of a several interconnected parts. First of all, you should find out your main life values, the main goal of your life and the strategy that will help you to attain this goal. That is strategical planning. Of course, your main goal will be complex and compound. For example, if your main goal is happiness, you should find out – what do you need to be happy. The next stage is operating planning: brief review of your plans, plans for year, month, week, day. To manage these plans and control carrying-out you should use time-management techniques.

Other parts of life management could be learning and development management system, Balanced Scorecard, willing management, financial management and so on.

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But all of this will work only if the first stage was realized sufficiently. All operating plans should consist of several domains. What does it mean? Our life could be conditionally divided into such domains as work, self-improvement, studying, sport, private life, finances, people, looking after the house and others. Everyone has his own combination of life domains.

By Franklin’ system, first of all you should define your life valuables. This list is very important and should be made properly; don’t be afraid of spending much time for this stage. Your valuables should not be mutually contradictory. Depending on your valuables, then you need to define you MAIN LIFE GOAL. After that you should create the main strategy to succeed this goal. And only after that you can begin creating operating plans of your life. Such plans are already time-dependent. And all plans can be divided into domains.

Using mind maps in strategical planning

Let’s try to create a mind map of your life strategy. Define your main goal as a central topic. Do your best to create this map’s style as far as possible suitable for you. Use icons and marks. Your valuables could be realized as floating topics – they don’t have direct connections with other mind map elements, but they have an influence almost on all of branches. You can determine relationships between your valuables and life domains.

Domains – are the main topics. All of them should be connected to your main life goal. It is better to create separate map of your main goal achievement strategy – it will be the basic.

After that on your main map you should distribute steps of the strategy among life domains as branches. Use number marks to define an order and other marks to note that these are main steps.

After that you can draw other operating plans. Plans on the main map should be for 5 years with intermediate goals and concrete deadlines. When somebody says, that he will buy a car one day, he can drag out it for many years. There is much more chances, if he will have a deadline.

Connection between your operating goals and strategy steps is a very important thing.   At the end you will get a big map with one central topic-goal, achievement strategy and operating plan for near-term outlook.

Get the map of your life

Many problems could be solved without your direct interference in it. Brain is organized in a background thinking way and many tasks are operated while you are busy with different problems. So, if you will have a plan, goal in an easy traced view your life may became to change according your conception. One of the best methods to create this view is mind mapping. You only should be careful and accurate with planning your life.

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