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Why we named our product Mind Pad?

We name our product Mind Pad and it wasn’t an easy decision. In this article you will find out what Mind Pad name means and if it could be name for our product. Why wasn’t Mind Pad called Visio Map, Mind Model, Concept mapping or something.

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The final name of our mind map product is Mind Pad. There are two key ideas we have in mind when named the software Mind Pad.

First, it’s a “Mind”, meaning mind map software. Second, it’s “Pad”. Mind Pad is a easy to use software and we wanted it to be associated with something simple, for instance Windows Notepad.


Mind Pad is a knowledge visualization program. Such as Microsoft Vision ™ is. But the most important idea is not a visualization, but knowledge management.

Mind Model

The basement of Mind Pad are knowledge models, frames, semantic networks. It sound great, but when one would read such a terms he wouldn’t think Mind Pad is easy to use program.

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