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Object-oriented mind mapping


This article was written basing Mind Pad 1 abilities and functions. We worked hard to develop Mind Pad 2 and it's now much more user-friendly. Read about Object-oriented mind mapping in new article: Design and use Custom Frame objects.


If you ever asked for simplicity of mind mapping and for mind map topics with some properties that are right for your business needs, then Mind Pad is a great tool to start with.

Simple mind map schemeWhat is mind map

Mind Map is an easy way to visualize data. It do nothing but represent information in logical and easy understandable form. With mind map you can represent your knowledge and share it with others.

"Mind Map" term was introduced by Tony Buzan and there are a lot of useful books written about mind mapping. You can learn more about Tony Buzan at Also, it's great idea to read readers' opinions, people writing those notes are really like sharing their ideas about mind maps.

If we get back to the science, then we should agree that "mind map" is a marketing term, that is well-know for great knowledge representing. But "mind map" is just some simple type of semantic networks. Do a google search for this subject and you will learn much about this subject.

Mind maps in Mind Pad

Creating and linking text blocks is easy with Mind Pad. But it can do more. Mind Pad allows you to organize in mind map objects with any properties set. With Mind Pad scripting you can create your own rules for data management and representation.

Mind Pad suggests a new approach to mind mapping. Now, mind map is not just a lot of linked text blocks. Mind Pad allows to create your own frame objects with unique properties that are most suitable for your business. You can organize those objects into some hierarchy or map. Create object with new properties for mind map

For instance, with Mind Pad Model Editor you can easily create an object called “Contact Person” and assign to it some really useful properties, such as Person name, Company name, Next time to contact date. Then you can create a mind map using “Contact Person” frame object and link new objects with each other showing the relation between your contacts.

You can create your own knowledge management system using Mind Pad scripting and macros functions. For these purpose Mind Pad supports Visual Basic .NET.

We think that mind maps should not only look nice, but should look like yours, it's easy to create your own style for mind mapping.Frame and Link mind map styles

Managing objects’ and links’ formatting is easy with Mind Pad object-oriented approach. You can use a frame or link styles, specify colors, text settings and other. When you need to create a new object you just tell Mind Pad what style it should use for this object or link.

You can use pre-defined styles (you can see objects that use this style of pictures) or you can create your own style that would fit your company's color scheme.

We think that mind maps should not only look nice, but should look like yours, it's easy to create your own style for mind mapping.

The most great idea of Mind Pad: Mind Pad is easy to use software. As long as it supports powerful object oriented-methodology and scripting, it’s very simple software. It’s easy to use it for every day mind mapping.  

Advanced object-oriented mind mapping approach sample

If you really want to make use of powerful object-oriented mind mapping, then you should spend some time and learn how to create a frame objects using Model Editor. This object should have all properties you need to represent some data in mind map. For instance, if you brainstorm the possibility of finding and integrating some software solution, then you can create some frame objects for your needs.

It's easy to create a frame object with set of preperties that you need. The resulted mind map will be very simple and very useful at the same time. Run Model Editor and spend five minutes to create your own frame object, for instance name it as “Software Solution”. Add some properties that will represent most valuable information, such as Solution Name, Company Name, Pricing and Web-Page URL.

Now, when creating mind map, you can use the new “Software Solution” objects. The resulted mind map will be very simple and very useful at the same time.

If you ever asked for a simple looking mind map with ability to create some editable properties for your topics then Mind Pad is what you was looking for.  

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