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Color Map in Mind Pad

Mind Pad works with colors using Styles ideology, meaning that you don't need to set a color to topics one by one, but can use a "Style" for your topic.  We have designed a set of colored styles, so you can assign these styles to your project.

  • Important notice: Features and functions described on this page are for Mind Pad 2, the latest version of Mind Pad was released as a new major update (actually completely new project), so information on this page will be relevant only to Mind Pad 2, which is available for download, but is not supported.

In Mind Pad you can use special color scheme to set a color to your frames and links.

Color map

Click to see big image

Why use color maps

Have a look at this (>) picture. You see that it's quite big, but you also may see five main color groups: green, blue, yellow, dark, white and red.

Using colors in your map is a great way to make it not just to catch ideas, but group them into a visual manner. This is a good way for managing idea. You can see the whole map and you always know what is that topic about without even reading it as it has some color that means something.

Colors for this map 

We used a color scheme for the sample map. 

  • News and featured articles about knowledge representation. Learn about mind maps, concept maps, process maps and other visualization techniques. White color. We used white color for Ideas for research.
  • Yellow color shows ideas that we must work on right now.
  • We used red color for most important ideas.
  • We have a lot ideas how to improve relations with customers and we used green color for this type of ideas;
  • Blue color was used for creative ideas;
  • We used dark color (almost black) for low priority ideas.

Sample maps



Color map

This is a sample of Color Map, use different colors for different groups of ideas. 

Download Color Map [12 KB]


Installing Color Map Styles:

1. Copy "Color Map" folder to Mind Pad styles folder: "C:\Program Files\Mind Pad\Styles"
2. Run Mind Pad. Go to the Styles Library tag (see the bottom and left corner of Mind Pad window)
3. Select "Color Map" in Style Library tree, then click (+).
4. Right click on Link Styles. Select "Copy to project" command.
5. Right click on Topic Styles. Select "Copy to project" command.

6. Now you can create color map. Create any topic. 
Assign a "Red" frame style to it. Use Insert and Enter keys on your keyboard to add new topics.
Also, see color-map.mprj for sample.

Map as a text

It's a better idea to download a sample map, but if you don't like here is a text copy of the map created with report feature of Mind Pad.


My color groups


Red color group. Most important

1.1.1. Important ideas Catch most important ideas
1.1.2. Something we should focus on My priority task


Low priority ideas

1.2.1. Manage year plan
1.2.2. Consider security audit


TO DO Right Now

1.3.1. Create a sample map for Mind Pad Create a map showing color groups
1.3.2. Manage existent samples on web-site


Creative ideas

1.4.1. Create a new design look
1.4.2. Great product idea Consider creating plug-in for Mind Pad
1.4.3. Write article about mapping techniques


Ideas for research

1.5.1. I should research mind mapping abilities
1.5.2. Let's find products for mapping



1.6.1. Suggest a new product for special price
1.6.2. Create an animated demo for product It will make it easy to understand product features Or use this color for the topic

Evaluate Mind Pad

You can download fully-function 30-days evaluation version of Mind Pad: 

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