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Visual knowledge representation - methods review

Visual knowledge representation helps gather, retain and communicate large amounts of information more easily. It is an effective way to handle complex information.

In the rapidly changing world, it is essential to organize and retain information in the most effective way, to make it more accessible so that it can be easily communicated to other people. Manage and communicate information

The new information and telecommunications technologies provided the framework for the new information-based society, characterized by processing and use of large amounts of information and knowledge in private life as well as in education and work. In the rapidly changing world, it is essential to organize and retain information in the most effective way, to make it more accessible so that it can be easily communicated to other people.

Different methods of knowledge representation

Mind Map

An exceedingly effective way of organizing information in hierarchical, “brain-friendly” format is representing it visually, in a form of a “map”. Visualizing information helps structure it in the most comprehensive and clear manner.

A powerful, yet simple technique for representing knowledge is Mind Map®. Mind Map® was invented by Tony Buzan in the 1970s as a graphical tool that mirrors the way the brain thinks. Mind map can be used in a wide range of human activities. This method helps enhance human learning, brainstorm processes and manage projects, highlighting the key ideas, questions and current objectives. A mind map usually starts with one main topic or idea and expands in a radiant fashion with other relevant ideas and notes added to the branches growing from the main topic. 

Concept Map

In contrast to mind map, a concept map may contain perspectives and ideas of the whole team. It is usually based on a number of principal, most inclusive concepts, placed at the top of the map. Other less general concepts should be arranged in the hierarchical fashion below, linked by lines or arrows showing the relationships between the concepts. Concept mapping can be used as a learning or an evaluation tool to enhance and assess the knowledge level of the group of individuals. It is also an indispensable technique for group brainstorming and activities planning. 

Process map

Representing information in a form of a process map gives extremely high results in managing multiple work processes. Properly organized information represents all the process associated activities and provides the view of the complete business system. Process map includes such information as process complexity, the number of people involved and time and cost issues. This can be the basis for process reengineering on a comprehensible customer-oriented basis. 

Visual knowledge representation helps manage information overflow

Visual knowledge representation allows organizing information in a comprehensive and straightforward manner. It helps review and analyze the information flow as well as retain and share the necessary information.


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