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Mind Pad Testimonials

People share their opinion about Mind Pad. We have a lot  of positive feedbacks from users of our software and professionals from software industry. 

People find our Mind Pad software to be easy to use and feature rich program with unique capabilities.  

5 cows rating - reviewers awared Mind Pad the highest rating - 5 cowsMind Pad on Tucows

Tucows reviewers team awarded Mind Pad the highest rating - 5 Cows. 

Mind Pad has high rating scores for "Usability", "Functionality" and  "Help, documentation and support".

We do highly appreciate professionals' opinion about our software.  For more information about Mind Pad listing and rating on Tocows, please, visit Mind Pad on Tucows page.

Mind Pad on KDnuggest

Mind Pad on KDnuggestFind Mind Pad in knowledge management section on, the most popular, authoritative and influential website for information about Data Mining, Web Mining, and Knowledge Discovery.

Mind Pad - users' opinions

It's a great idea about object-oriented mind mapping. I think Mind Pad is an irreplaceable tool for business mind mapping. I use it to represent knowledge and structure it a well. And thank you for your answer to my post.

Jean Kazas, TX

I found Mind Pad to be a great software, and thank you for your postings in forum and answers by e-mail. I have started using Mind Pad to create mind map and support brainstorm process. 


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Mind Pad Testimonials

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